Photography is an art of science and creativity in taking the durable images. You can only put meaning into a photo if you know how to use your camera trickily. Best photographer in Lucknow throws light on basic components of a camera which helps you in retaining good pictures and makes you a skillful photographer.

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1.    Body- Camera comes with a different inbuilt input and all those needs to be packed properly. The body of a camera varies according to their size. Apart from it, the body also gives looks & designs to the camera which make it look stylish & classy.

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2.    Lens- It is the most important part of the camera as we can see and capture moments with our eyes, the camera does the same thing with its lens. Photographer in Lucknow says “if you use your lenses creatively it gives photography its expressive qualities.” There are different types of camera lenses choose according to your requirements and it helps in putting your object into an image sensor.

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3.    Viewfinder- Whatever we see can easily be captured through the viewfinder. It helps us see the object clearly. It is parallel to the camera lens and thus the size of the image you see is different from that which projects onto the sensor.

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4.    Shutter- The shutter helps in displaying the camera sensor to the light that passes through the lens aperture. After the sensor is done collecting the light, the shutter closes immediately, stopping the light from striking the sensor.

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5.    Flash- Flash is helpful in taking the pictures in the dim or low-light environment as it hits the extra light on the object and makes it look brighter and clearer. According to Photographer in Lucknow, “when you take any pictures in a night and darker environment, there is so much deficiency of light so you can set your camera to throw flash to cover up that deficiency.”