“Marriage is not about getting knotted with an unknown person only; it’s simply about two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other!” Excitement goes high as the day comes closer. The preparations, the hectic shopping, the decor, food, make-up and endless lists of to-dos are sure to bring about the day faster than you expect. And just as quickly it will be over letting you carry on with your lives, but the memories of that day live with you forever and to ensure the most treasured of them are by your side. Student Studio tells you about types of wedding photographs that you must have on for your wedding.

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1.  Your Charming Clothes
Excitement touches your soul when it comes to picking your wedding clothes and that it will always hold a cherished mark in your wardrobe. Bride and groom, both characters have different outfits and the memory of which should be preserve for the wedding album as well. Best photographer in Lucknow is great in picking those lehengas and sherwanis shots for you!

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2.  Preparation Part
You should have that testimony of how you prepared yourself for your special day. All those butterflies in your stomach about if you will look your best for the best day of your life so clearly painted on the face as you get ready. From the dressing to the makeover, all comes under in a special zone as after all it’s your preparation of your own wedding & not of your cousin or friend!

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3. Ornaments & Rings
It is the tradition of every Indian bride to get herself loaded with that precious gold jewelry. Best wedding photographer in Lucknow says “Indian weddings rings, bangles and other kinds of jewellery play a vital part as they mean a lot more than glamorous decoration. They come with enormous affectionate value and are treasures that you will safeguard for the rest of your life.”

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4. Haldi and Mehndi Ceremony
Being a bride, this is pampering time surrounded by beloved family members and friends. As lovely shades of turmeric are applied to her blushing cheeks and complex mehndi patterns beautify her hands and legs, the cameras must click to record this moment for future.

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5. Passionate traditions
Every marriage has its own special traditions; it may or may not be part of the main ceremony, but be sure to record these moments as well. What will amaze you later is the pure look of concentration and happiness on your faces as you do even the smallest of tasks that day.

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6. Dancing & Ceremony
Indian weddings are known to be pure entertainment. Bring out the best of clothes, great music, throw in some fancy moves and you have a wedding to remember! Get some of those energetic dance shots that will have you smiling whenever you look at them. This is where you say “I Do” and every marriage is about saying I do, even if it varies in gestures between various cultures. The ceremony can be anything from just five minutes to many hours of various procedures. All of them that is going to be unique and once-in-a-lifetime kind, so snap away!

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7. The Send OFF
Wedding Photographer in Lucknow understands the moment attached with real sentiments especially of her parents. She is going to new home, & new parents. All left with her parent and herself is some realistic shoots. The decorated car or maybe something even wackier waits outside, the bride and groom step out in anxiety looking forward to grand adventures and the parents look on with emotions running high. So you need to shot these!